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Team Work

Teams can be successful only if the team members work together effectively. This requires good communication and each member playing their part. Different people will be better at certain tasks than others therefore a team can be much more productive than an individual attempting to carry out a task. If a team consists of many that are competing for the same roles within the team, conflict will occur and the team will not function properly. A good team will contain a mix of individuals suited for different roles.

The preferred role that a team member chooses is based upon the following:

  • Level of dominance over others
  • To what degree they are an extrovert or introvert
  • Intellectual ability
  • Stability
  • Anxiety

For computer professionals it is necessary to be able to understand others. When working within a team (or when talking to a client) it is important to listen, understand, then convey your own thoughts. It is important to note also that communication is not just about the exchanging of information verbally. The tone of voice, facial expressions and body language all play a large role.

Individual Work

As an individual it is important to know how to carry out work most effectively. The ability to manage time, stress, and relationships is critical.

Clear goals need to be set in order for work to progress successfully. These goals need to attainable as well as challenging enough to be meaningful. Different tasks need to be prioritised so that the most important work gets done when needed. Choosing individuals to delegate work to is also important and is relevant for managers, team leaders etc...

Stress management is important for individuals as well as teams. Stress can be positive or negative depending on how it is dealt with. If stress is allowed to become a negative influence on a person it will cause damage to them possible psychologically and physically. Positive stress can lead to an improvement in effectiveness whereas negative stress will lead to the waulity of work suffering dramatically. Stress can occur for different reasons depending on the person and it is important to try and appreciate this fact.

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