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Notes > Software Engineering > Unified Software Development Process (USDP)

USDP attempts to make use of both the Waterfall Model of software engineering as well as the iterative type of model known as the Spiral Model. UML is integral to USDP. USDP is also based around the use of software components which lends towards re-usability of code.

USDP is Use Case driven. This means it is driven by the needs of the user whether they happen to be a human client or another software system. A Use Case Model is built from individual Use Cases which are defined by users based on their particular requirements of the system.

The definition of the software architecture is derived from the Use Case Model. Key Use Cases or functions will be developed into separate sub-systems. The overall style of USDP is based on incremental steps which steadily advance the project toward completion. This style of software development reduces the risk of serious errors and "bad code" being left deep in the system.

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