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This is a program that shows how text can be encrypted at a very basic level. The outline of the program is given below:

  • The user can select the level of encryption by clicking on 1 of 5 option buttons at the top of the program's interface.
  • This encryption value determines how many letters each letter is shifted along when encrypted. For example, if the value 1 is selected, the letter "a" would be encrypted as "b" and so on. This is a very simple form of encryption, but useful for this exercise nevertheless.
  • As the user types text into the first text box, the encrypted text appears in the second text box.
  • The user can save the original text and encrypted text seperately to file. The names of the files are specified by the user.
  • The program could be further developed by allowing the user to specify where the files are saved and also, different types of encryption could be included in the program.

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