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This is a program demonstrating different types of loop, and how they can be used. The outline of the program is given below:

  • There are 4 buttons in the program that invoke the different loops.
  • The first button, which demonstrates a "for" loop, causes a message box displaying the word "hi" to be shown 4 times. This cannot be changed by a user of the program, but you can change the message or amount of times it is shown by editing the source code.
  • The second button demonstrates a "while" loop. When clicked, the user is prompted to enter a password, and while the correct password ("computing") has not been entered, the password prompt continues to loop.
  • The third button is the same in function as the second button, but it uses a "do" loop instead.
  • The second "for" loop button requires the user to enter a number into a text box. When the button is clicked, consecutive message boxes are displayed counting up to the number entered in the text box. If a large number is entered, the loop will go on for a long time!

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