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1. A system does not need to be able to handle the total variability of its environment to function properly. True or False?
2. Negative feedback tends to result in a stabilizing effect. True or False?
3. Cybernetics is defined correctly by which of the following?
4. The least significant bit of a negative twos complement number is set to 1. True or False?
5. A 20GB hard disk can hold more data than a CD. True or False?
6. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 01000001 and 11111111 on an 8 bit machine?
7. How many bits are needed within a machine code instruction to select a single register in a machine with 16 general registers?
8. Which of the following is the first step of the machine cycle?
9. A process symbol on a data flow diagram simply copies its input data. True or False?
10. If a single connection in a Grid Network fails, the whole system will stop functioning. True or False?

11. The purpose of a data flow diagram is to show the physical flow of goods between organisations. True or False?
12. Which of the following systems would be suited to handling payments due to employees?
13. In the context of user interfaces, WIMP typically stands for Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers. True or False?
14. Which of the following does POP stand for?
15. Which of the following stages of compilation produces a syntax tree?
/ 15 correct on first try.

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