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Questions > Computer Systems > Test 2

1. Systems can never be broken down into components or sub-systems. True or False?
2. Cybernetics is centred completely around the study of artificial intelligence. True or False?
3. Positive feedback usually results in a finite state being reached. True or False?
4. Which of the following is not contained in a system description?
5. A positive number in excess notation has its most significant bit set to 0. True or False?
6. Main memory is always smaller than cache memory. True or False?
7. A hard disk consists of a single spiral track to which data is recorded. True or False?
8. How is the decimal value for 30 represented in binary?
9. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 01000011 and 10010000 on an 8 bit machine?
10. A memory chip has 8 data lines and 9 address lines. How many bytes can be stored on it?

11. Which of the following devices requires the highest input data transferrate?
12. Good documentation and control of systems development does not lead to any long term benefits related to the use and maintenance of the system. True or False?
13. Processes on a data flow diagram do not require outgoing data flows. True or False?
14. Low coupling and low cohesion between sub-systems is desirable when designing a system. True or False?
15. Which of the following does MIS stand for?
/ 15 correct on first try.

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