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Questions > Computer Systems > Test 3

1. Taking a holistic view of a system involves trying to find holes in it. True or False?
2. The interaction between hardware components and peripherals can be desribed as what type of system?
3. The desired behaviour of a system that has been developed using object-oriented techniques will emerge from the interaction of objects. True or False?
4. Which of the following is not an example of a functional or transaction processing system?
5. Which of the following does Computer Science focus on?
6. Main memory access is always quicker than cache access. True or False?
7. JPG image compression is not suited for storing photographic images. True or False?
8. How is the decimal value for 17 represented in binary?
9. A memory chip has 8 data lines and 10 address lines. How many bytes can be stored on it?
10. Early computers were often used for complex modelling applications. True or False?

11. For a process to run, the pre-condition (if there is one) must be true of the input data. True or False?
12. Which of the following stages comes first in systems development?
13. Which of the following can be used to define a process within a DFD?
14. Tables within relational databases require a primary key column to uniquely identify each record in the table. True or False?
15. Allowing several programs to run apparently simultaneously is known as which of the following?
/ 15 correct on first try.

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