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Questions > Computer Systems > Test 4

1. Components of systems can be systems themselves. True or False?
2. Computer Science is centred around the design of computer circuitry. True or False?
3. Which of the following refers to the use of different code in response to a message that stays the same but may have varying parameters and may be sent to different classes?
4. A CD can store more than a floppy disk. True or False?
5. The BIOS is responsible for handling overlaps, locations and sizes of windows on a user's screen. True or False?
6. How is the decimal value for 255 represented in binary?
7. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 010100 and 111100 on a 6 bit machine?
8. Graphical representations of data such as in pie charts or bar graphs can help in speeding up the decision making of managers. True or False?
9. High coupling between sub-systems is desirable when designing a system. True or False?
10. Which of the following systems would be used to ensure that stock is delivered to customers?

11. Which of the following is not found on a DFD?
12. Object oriented programming techniques cannot be applied to the development of computer games. True or False?
13. The operating system's file management component is responsible for assigning disk space to files and organising these files into a folder hierarchy. True or False?
14. Which of the following components of the operating system monitors the movement of the mouse and handles event dispatching?
15. Which of the following protocols would be used to send an e-mail between computers?
/ 15 correct on first try.

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