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Questions > Computer Systems > Test 5

1. Systems theory focuses on the behaviour of whole systems rather than just the components of a system. True or False?
2. The most significant bit of a negative twos complement number is set to 1. True or False?
3. Main memory access is quicker than access to mass storage. True or False?
4. A memory chip must have the same number of address lines as data lines. True or False?
5. An Operating System's file management component is responsible for allocating space in main memory to applications. True or False?
6. How is the decimal value for 67 represented in binary?
7. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 000011 and 011110 on a 6 bit machine?
8. How many bits are needed within a machine code instruction to select a single register in a machine with 8 general registers?
9. A 4 bit operation code field will allow how many basic operations?
10. Output from an information system in the form of reports is required to make business decisions. These reports should be delayed until all the data can be verified as being completely accurate and current. True or False?

11. Information Technology is an important part of business today. True or False?
12. A DFD describing a sub-system or process should not contain which of the following?
13. Which of the following does RAD stand for?
14. Lexical analysis ignores the programmer's comments. True or False?
15. Which of the following refers to a component within a system having a clearly defined role?
/ 15 correct on first try.

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